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Lunar Fall

Game Website Design - Case Study

Role: UX/UI designer designing the Lunar Fall website from conception to delivery.

Responsibilities: Conducting interviews, paper and digital wireframing, low and high-fidelity prototyping, conducting usability studies, accounting for accessibility, and iterating on designs.

Problem: Users desire an easier and more convenient way to manage friends and view their stats and achievements.

Goal: Design a profile feature for the Lunar Fall website and app that allows users to change their account settings, view stats and achievements and have a more personalized experience.

Target Audience: Gamers interested in tracking stats and achievements in games.


Lunar Fall is a new open world space RPG that aims to satisfy all gamers on all platforms. Lunar Fall strives to tell a gripping and engaging story about our place in the universe.

Untitled design (4).png

User Research

Pain Points:

No Unique Stats/Achievements: Most users desired a way to view unique stats or achievements within their favorite video games.

No personalized experience: Most users desire a personalized profile from their favorite games. To make their time with the game feel more special.

Not Enough Security at Login: Some users wanted more security at login and desired email verification.

Research Summary:

I conducted interviews and surveys in an attempt to understand the needs, behaviors, and frustrations of potential users. The primary user group identified through research was adults looking for a way to view stats and achievements from their games.

The result of the research seemed to boil down to gamers wanting to have a more personalized experience with their favorite games. Whether it be to track your story progression or add some more friends. These insights will help make a better and more accessible product for users.


Portfolio Project 2 - Case Study (1).png

User Journey Map

Portfolio Project 2 - Case Study (2).png

Usability Study Findings

Research Questions

  • What were the frustrations the user had when completing the tasks?

  • What are the users' opinions on the design and layout of the website?

  • Are there any parts where the user got stuck?

  • What can be learned by the steps the user took to complete the task?

  • What, if any, unexpected decisions did the user make while completing the task?

Research Insights

  • More images and labels

  • Drop Down menu for profile on Home page that allows user to navigate to specific page in profile

  • Email verification for security

  • Profile pages should preserve scroll position when navigating to a new one 


Screenshot (66).png

Low Fidelity Prototype

User Flow: The user flow is the user signing in/creating an account and navigating the profile pages


Screenshot (67).png

High Fidelity Prototype

Some Final Mockups

Accessibility Considerations

Used high contrast colors to help users with vision difficulties view the app better.

Used icons and labels to
help make
navigation easier.

Used different font sizes to accentuate visual hierarchy.



This feature makes users feel like their favorite game values them and keeps track of their activity and achievements, which help in the user feeling more fulfilled. 

What I Learned

While designing the Lunar Fall website and app, I learned that the first iterations are only the beginning of the process. Also trying to add too many features can be very detrimental to the development process. There were many more features I wanted to add but usability studies and feedback negated many of those decisions. There were also other constraints such as time and ability.  Overall, I feel as though it satisfies user desires, but it needs more refining and additional features. 

Quote from feedback

“This feature is easy to use and allows me to view my progression and stats!”

Next Steps

Conduct more research to see if users have new pain points or needs.

Iterate further on the visual design. Add more unique stats and visuals to appeal to more users.

Thank You

Thank you for your time reviewing my work on the Lunar Fall website! If you’d like to learn more about me or get in touch, my contact information is provided.

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